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Diverzify represents growth through expansion. Relentless curiosity, imagination, and innovation propel accomplishment and growth.

Diverzify is completely unique in the commercial flooring industry. With an innovative modular business structure, Diverzify has the power and flexibility to apply the exact level of resource required to solve any commercial flooring need.

The Diverzify enterprise consists of key elements:

  • An innovative digital platform of advanced shared-services that link and power a broad network of national service locations.

  • Company-direct service locations called Diverzify+, are extensions of the core craftsman services and values that built the solid reputation the company enjoys today.

  • Established market brands that achieved distinction for service quality and are now part of the Diverzify enterprise. Market brands include RD Weis Companies, Beckers, Certified Flooring, Collaborative Turnkey Solutions (CTS), High Performance Flooring and Professional Athletic Sports Surfaces (PASS), Lane’s Floor Coverings and Interiors, Kenny Floor Covering brands, and Select Prefab Solutions.


In the leaderless $26 billion commercial flooring industry, Diverzify is bringing the innovative vision to do business differently and create new standards for the customer experience.


Diverzify is on a mission to reshape the commercial flooring industry by establishing new measures of service and success.

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